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Emil's Last Journal Entry
100 were born into the world to help those in need.  Their eyes were color gold to show the status they were to hold and the order was started.  The goal was simple in, the beginning.
Help people in need by the means at their disposal, within the bounds of the laws of the land.
It seemed simple, but the gods soon saw the truth of the masses they had created and those dedicated to helping were taken advantage of and in less than 50 years only 25 remained.
I wasn't one of the first, but I did know a few of them.
The woman who gave birth to me was certain I was a curse and not a blessing.  She took me to the church and left me there.  The Gods still took care of me by having the priest be one of them... One of us.
They were surprised by my birth as well, because none had been born in over 500 years.  Not since the first ones.  That was when they noticed the difference between me and them.  I was born to live, help and s
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Character Sheet
Name:  Emil
Age: 22
Race: Human, Golden Eyed Priest
Birth date: Unknown
Class/Job: Priest
Education:  Mixed
Hair Color and Style: Very light golden blond
Eye color: Gold
Height, Weight and Body Style: 5' 11", 156 lbs.  He has a well built and maintained body.
Tattoos, Piercing, Markings?  Various scars from the times he was killed.
Country of Origin?  Long forgotten.
Live now? Changes frequently.
Powers? As a golden eyed priest, he is very empathic and not only likes to help people but is actually very good at it.
Where do they come from?  Being born with his eye color, once he fully assumes that position he takes on the gifts and future they entail.
Special Skills? When 'sleeping', he can enter the dreams of other people.
How did you learn them? Simply over time.
The Faves
Favorite Food? Thai
Least Favorite?  Spanish
Favorite color and why? He's always loved green... T
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Recording 1

Black flashed on the screen, sounds starting to slow out of the speakers a few moments later as something was removed from before you and a world appeared.  A teenage boy and girl come into view, the girl fumbling with the camera, the boy blinking at her.

"Told you the lens cap was still on."  Ezio said dryly, a small smirk on his lips.
Chloe made a face, looking back at him as she set the camera back down on the table.  "Yeah, yeah.  Cause you're the almighty, beat all end all of cameras, something you've never messed with."
Rolling his eyes, he pointed to the front of it.  "It's kinda obvious Faith that the big black thing on the front was over the lens."

Now in full view of the camera, you see that in some ways much has changed and yet... So little.  Ezio's hair, slightly shorter then now, looks just as messy and has what looks to be colors on the tips.  Chloe's hair is in fact down to her mid back
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Mature content
A Job Gone Bad :iconkcarey:KCarey 3 8
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How Men Actually Act
It hasn't gone at all as he'd planned.  In fact, it had gone about as far away from the plan as it could get.  The machine he'd brought to the garage at the house was the older one he owned, and he'd thought it was in good repair.
It turned out, he was very wrong.  While explosions were normal in the area, with Lessio and Kaz going off frequently to blow things up, one so near the house was not normal.  And so it wasn't long before the two tall bikers were opening the door and blinking at the huge mess all around them.
Ezio was sitting with a table in his lap, having some trouble in getting it off him.  He wasn't hurt, more stunned by the paint that was now.. Everyplace.
This wouldn't have been so embarrassing, if not for the fact that he'd made somewhat of a deal over getting help in setting things up, since the machines could be delicate at times.  Thus the resulting explosion of his machine and the mess that was now all ove
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Green Eyes Smiling At You
She smiled into those green eyes she'd loved for so long and lifted a hand to caress the mans face lovingly.  It had been a long time, longer then she'd thought it would last. Each day had been another gift.
A chance meeting... Leading to feeling whole for the first time... Leading to a future she hadn't seen coming.
It hadn't always been happy, arguments and tears had at times overwhelmed them, but the one thing they'd never done was leave.  They'd fought and struggled with each other, themselves and others around them.  But through it all, they'd never walked away.  In fact, it had only made them stronger together.
A flash of memories washed over her... The surprise of the first pregnancy, the adorable little green eyed, red haired little girl they'd been blessed with.  The arguments with family over their lack of any desire to marry.  And then the miscarriage of the second pregnancy,  It had also been a surprise a
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Armor Of Amadane
Armor of Amadane or Raindrop
1. Sub Armor:   Main color is Emerald Green on gun metal gray with a skirt of Mithral Silver that hangs down to mid thigh.
2. Full Armor:  Same colors, with the lower leg and foot guards green and more like leather then metal.  Instead of the upper leg guards, it would have the same Mithral Silver skit as before.  Arm and Wrist guards would also be leather, with some metal platting and leave the hands free.  The upper arms would have basic covers, no plating sticking out over the shoulders and no horns.  The helmet would be simple and traditional Oni style, and not always needed.
Weapon: Mimbar Staff
Season: Haru/Spring
Element: Ame/Rain
Virtue: Shinra/Faith
Sure Kills:
Tsuranku Ame or Piercing Rainfall:
Spins the staff above her head, which creates a cloud.  She then flings her staff into the cloud from which daggers 'rain' down and strike the enemy, or the heart of evil if someone
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